02.09.23: Magnolia Centre shoppers give generously to our Bucket Collection.

Almost a year ago we applied for a Bucket Collection Day and yesterday was the day that was booked. The sun shone and our incredible volunteers stood smiling and engaging  with all the people shopping in the Magnolia Centre, who stopped to  give us the most wonderful praise for our work, (especially to say how the colourful entrance  to the town at the Station,  lifts their spirits  and how we ‘knock spots off’ arrival points in other towns).

Then they dropped whatever donation they could  spare in the bucket.

Well……a totally amazing £ 473.40  was the final  bucket tally!!!!

Thank you to everyone, residents and visitors who donated today and of course it would not have been possible without our volunteers who held the buckets.

We feel humble and genuinely honoured to receive such support.