02.07.23: The King’s Coronation Copse is officially opened.


Young people in Exmouth have been involved in Planting 10 special trees and making a mosaic bench in Phear Park, as a legacy for the Coronation of King Charles III. The project, initiated by Exmouth Town Council, was to encourage young people to get involved and give them a sense of ownership in seeing something they have designed and made as a lasting memory.  The project consisted of two parts, tree planting and the designing and making of the mosaic panels for the bench.

Ten trees for each of the 10 schools in Exmouth were planted in April. The children who attended heard   from  Paul Fealy, EDDC’s Horticultural Technical Officer, about the importance of and benefits  that trees bring to  wildlife and the environment.

The mosaic panels for the bench, were designed by young people at The Hive Youth  Group sessions, with the help of  artists Alan Punton and  Manya McMahon of Space Youth Services, who also showed the young people  how to convert their designs into mosaic art  New mayor of Exmouth Olly Davey said “ We are very excited to have helped these young people plant  these trees and make beautiful mosaic panels  which will be a reminder of the Coronation for many years to come.  We are grateful to EDDC for allowing us to create this  wonderful legacy in Phear Park”

Photos courtesy of Exmouth Town Council.