01.12.22: Kelsey’s winning Sunflower is a real giant.

Thinking back a couple of months to warmer times….

Littleham C of E Primary School has a very active Gardening Club run by Graham Bell from Exmouth in Bloom. Every year the children grow all sorts of seeds, vegetables and flowers to plant in the school garden but they especially love sowing their very own Sunflower in a named pot, for the Annual Sunflower Growing Competition.

Once the seeds have germinated the strongest are selected to be planted out against the Polytunnel, at which point it’s ‘over to the owner’ of the plant to water and nurture it each day to get it to grow.

This year’s winning sunflower was grown by Kelsey Robson-Cross who was in Year 3.  The sunflower measured 3.64 metres, that’s 11ft 10ins and towered over Kelsey as you can see.

The seeds from this magnificent specimen will certainly be saved for next year’s competition.

Well done Kelsey. A prize sunflower indeed.