01.12.20: Oh Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree in the Strand, generously donated by Kings Garden and Leisure, Exmouth was put up and decorated with twinkling lights and baubles last week. Exmouth in Bloom were asked to find someone to add a bit of festive greenery on the barriers to lift the spirits. Always up for a project …. volunteers Marion, Elaine, Liz and Dee raided their gardens and got cracking on making 32 swags of pine, laurel, ivy and holly over the weekend. This morning they were all tied onto the railings and we added the 8  big red bows (rescued from last year). Job done!

So here’s the result!

Thank you to the people who stopped to praise our work and especially to those who dropped money into our donations box. All very much appreciated in these difficult times and whilst fundraising is proving to be so restricted.