01.09.21: Quick tidy of the Sensory Garden makes all the difference.

With all the recent warm, wet weather, the planting in the Sensory Garden has taken off and is almost at ‘jungle ‘ proportions now.

So a call out for a pop up workparty to give it a quick tidy went out and a whole bunch of volunteers turned up, despite the showers, including Barbara and Bill, our newest volunteers, who soon got stuck into work/chat mode (we can all multitask!).

All done in 90 mins. Fantastic!

We also harvested some of the Beetroot to make Chutney and many of us took home ‘organically grown’ Lettuce, Sweet peas and Herbs. Tomatoes not ready to pick yet. The next day Les went down with his re-chargable mower and finished the whole look off by cuttingĀ  the grass. Good man!

Spot the Land Train!