01.07.23: Wildflowers? Not always a pretty sight.

So here is our wildflower saga! The first photo is the road-side border in the Sensory Garden sown by EDDC  with indigenous wildflowers, 4 years ago and left to self-seed. This area flowered beautifully and was an absolute picture in the warm weather of late April and May but now (after nearly nine weeks of heat and no rain to speak of), has been left to  die down and set seed for next year….. not a pretty sight I’m afraid.

The other three photos show the EDDC Beach Gardens ‘vertical’ borders, that were sown in late April this year and are just coming into flower now. We love the fruity colour scheme ( cherry and orange). All these are part of the “designer annual wildflower mix, dominated by South African and Californian species, that was chosen  for  high impact and drought tolerance”