01.04.21: Two-part job has the Strand looking ready for Easter visitors.

It’s been a two-part job to sort out the planting behind the small seating area in the Strand and the Dinosaur paddocks. On Monday three groups made a good start with cutting back grasses, pruning shrubs and weeding. Today the final beds in the paddocks were tackled and the whole area given a ‘make over’ in time for the Easter visitors. Streetscene’s Dave completed the whole look when he came in with the mower to give the grass its first cut of the year. The area looks fab-u-lous! New volunteer RichardĀ  soon got hot digging up stubborn weeds! Thank you to theĀ  24 volunteers who came on Monday and the 17 who came today. You were all magnificent! It’s added up to more than 100 hours of work to get this area into shape this week, but it has been wonderful and a privilege to be out gardening in the town once more. We have thrived on the many complimentsĀ  (and a box of Celebrations given by a grateful member of the public)!