RHS judging

Britain in Bloom logoBritain in Bloom is no longer just about flowers. There are now three sections to be considered when taking part in the competition

Section A is about horticultural achievement

Judges take the following five key factors into consideration.

A1 Impact
This covers:

  • Colours and design
  • Appropriate choice of plants
  • Special features
  • Presentation
  • Innovation

A2 Horticultural practice
This covers:

  • Cultivation and maintenance
  • Quality of plants
  • Sustainability
  • New planting

Permanent planting at Carlton Hill roundabout

Permanent planting at Carlton Hill roundabout


A3 Residential and community gardening
The judges will look at:

  • Residential gardens
  • Communal spaces
  • Allotments
  • Public buildings
  • Car parks

The Town Hall

A prizewinning Residential garden

A4 Business areas and premises
The judges will look at all retail and shopping areas and also want to see pubs and other business premises.

Tythe Cottage Tea rooms

The Powder Monkey Pub

A5 Green spaces
Included in this section are:

  • Verges
  • Parks
  • Open public spaces

Manor Gardens herbaceous border

Beautiful Phear Park

Section B is about environmental responsibility

Again there are five key factors to consider.

B1 Conservation and biodiversity
This includes wildlife areas and natural habitats.

The Maer SSSI

Marine Way wild flowers

B2 Resource management
This includes recycling and conserving natural resources.

Recycling christmas trees

Recycling Christmas trees.










                                                                                                                                                                                                            B3 Local heritage
This includes management and development of local natural and heritage sites.


B4 Local environmental quality
The judges consider how we deal with vacant premises, litter, graffiti etc.

B5 Pride of place
Judges will consider how we manage our street furniture and signage, interpretation boards etc.


Section C is about community participation

Again there are five key factors that are considered:

C1 Development and continuity
The judges look at the development and sustainability of the local in bloom group and look for evidence of ongoing projects.

C2 Communication and education
We show evidence of publicity and press coverage, engaging with schools and other community groups.

Dolphin and Sunshine Nurseries stole our hearts with their High Viz jackets the same as the professionals!

C3 Community involvement
We are judged on whether we have engaged the whole community and whether we have supported and encouraged the Neighbourhood Awards scheme.

Palmer House receive their IYN ‘Outstanding’ Award

C4 Year round involvement
We are expected to show a year round programme of activity.

C5 Funding and support
The judges need to see that the In Bloom group has secured support from all areas of the community.